Kerry Pelesky
Kerry Pelesky at Museum of Western Reserve Farms and Equipment

In times past, I had a background in journalism as a Visual Communication major from The Scripps College of Communication at Ohio University. In the intervening years, I’ve been working as a graphic designer, largely in the newspaper field. This blog is an attempt to get back to my roots (so to speak) and explore writing again while learning some of the “lost wit and wisdom” that our ancestors took for granted. Having grown up within sight of the Cumberland Gap in Tennessee, a lot of the information that I hope to discover was probably available steps from where this story began. The pioneers that traversed that landscape were hardy people and went on to populate large portions of the western frontier.  It is my hope that this becomes a digital repository for our tech obsessed culture, myself included, and that I can document interesting parts of our past in a format that is entertaining as well as educational.